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All our cloud tailor-made solutions are based on the WAVEDESK platform

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Let your software do the work

Standard software packages often don’t fully meet your requirements or they are so complex that they are hardly workable. For companies it is a real struggle to find adequate software that perfectly matches the needs of the users and the organization. If you recognize this, then the development of customized software may very well be your best option.

What can we do for you?

First rate results through optimum communication.

We achieve this through very frequent consultation during the entire process, starting with the analysis up to the support stage. We try to empathize with your way of working, your company culture & your wishes. That is the only way we can make proper suggestions and offer adequate alternatives.

This way, a solution emerges that scores at all levels. Moreover, our approach is as structured and transparent as possible. That way you always know what we do, why we do it that way and where you stand in the process. And this provides overview and peace of mind.


Through frequent consultation we will map out your questions and wishes.


We develop the software in phases, allowing you to constantly follow progress.


We take care of installation, training and support.

Why tailor-made software?

  • Simplify your business process through efficient data links.
  • Integrate applications with your daily operations.
  • Determine the functionality yourself.
  • Determine the interface yourself.
  • No annual license fees.



Full web applications with the possibility to host them on the Adm-Concept servers, free of worries about availability and security.



All possible Windows custom software with support of various databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird, Oracle, … The number of possibilities is unlimited.



Native mobile applications for Android & IOS with the possibility of publishing them in Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

Yes, I am looking for custom software!

Standard solutions


Modular platform for the development of all our tailor-made cloud solutions

Modular platform for the development of all our tailor-made software running in the cloud.

The use of the WAVEDESK platform provides us with a number of basic standard recurring elements already in place – including customer management, product management, invoicing, etc… -, allowing us to reduce costs.


Delphi experts available

More than 20 years of Delphi experience

Adm-Concept boasts more than 20 years of experience in the development of professional software solutions using Delphi. If you are looking for Delphi experts for the maintenance of existing applications or for new development, look no further. We have a team of experienced Delphi consultants available to assist you.

Adm-Concept is a consultancy firm that specializes in the development of customized projects from analysis through programming to training & support.

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